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Bremerhaven Part 3

Bremerhaven  Part 2

I was in Bremerhaven (Germany) this weekend to visit my mum. They had some celebration at the harbour and a firework above the sea. Next year there will be the “Sail” - a big meeting of historic sail ships. Hopefully I’ll have time to see that. I love those kind of ships!


Get a first taste of the city where I am going to study ;)

Erfurt (Germany)

12 May 14

So today I enjoy Lincoln! After a short walk through Lincoln Castle which is whole working place and you can’t see anything at all and the expensive (8 pounds! After York Minster I didn’t do that) cathedral, I bought some tea in an Asian Tea Shop and at a close Tea Room I ordered chocolate cake and Ear Grey. It is so nice here! Imagine one of those small houses in the streets of Lincoln, in which there are old wooden tables and chairs standing close to each other, a simple white wall with bits of flower tapestry. There is lovely Vintage decoration and music in the background. And here I am and enjoy real English tea in a unique tea pot. hmmm, delicious! 

As I said, the castle is a whole working place and I couldn’t take any photographs neither walk into one of the buildings. Not one. The cathedral is beautiful, as she stands on the big hill on top of the city and rises into the sky above the rooftops of the houses. 

I think, I’ll have a walk to the harbour now and catch an early train back to the hostel in Nottingham. 

Here you can have a really nice life with all these tea rooms and small streets. The High Street offers lots of shops and the people seems to be happy and relaxed. But you need strong legs to climb this hill if you want to reach all these lovely spots. Or you can simply go by bus.

Before I went to the train station, I watched some swans at the harbour. Aren’t they beautiful creatures?

I forgot to show you my souvenirs :D

11 May 14

I am waiting for the next tour for the “City of Caves” in Nottingham. The whole city is based upon sandstone and the people used to dig their own houses, because they didn’t have money to build proper ones. Like the tour guide of Nottingham Castle said, the people of Nottingham were real Hobbits.

The castle would have been more nice in the sunshine. In a weather like this I soon become homesick. I will have to wear my Jack Wolfskin shoes soon, because my comfortable ones can’t stand the rain and if I can’t keep my feet warm I am in danger to catch a cold.

Yesterday evening in Birmingham I met a German who I talked to. It was nice to talk in my own language again. Actually I have to deal with a group of French in this hostel. I tell you, they are everywhere. I could not have a look at my room yet, because I was too early for check-in, but then I will go into a Pub with my key, where I get 25% off the food for showing it.

So far I like this city. The High Street has lots of shops like Birmingham and the old houses are still there, what gives the city a quite of charme. It’ll start soon, so I tell you about the tour when I am back.

So, the tour is a bit expensive. But I could get the student ticket, so it was okay. It was interesting! 

I could check-in now and am in a room only with girls - with French. Well, I’ll see. I’ll see whom I will find in the common room later. Just now an Irish started to talk to me, Derek. A nice man. I couldn’t eat in that Pub, because their kitchen was already closed, so now I am in another one, where they show football and the food isn’t that expensive.

Now that the sun comes back, my mood gets better. Interesting, how my mood depends on the weather. So, I will talk a little with the Irish. Yey, he bought me a Gin Tonic. (I won’t tell you that he turns 50 this year, but don’t worry, he is just nice and wants to talk, he promised me).

Again I apologize for the delay, but I am in the application process for university

Here we are (hopefully): My video about my journey. Enjoy! 

10 May 14

Today I enjoy good food in a restaurant for the first time after a little while. Because they have 30% off the food. The starter is good so far. I am in Birmingham, where I arrived this midday. It was a fault not to sleep awhile the bus drive, because my eyes are sooo tired today. Well, I have to admit I don’t wear my glasses a lot these days, but on a rainy day I’d be blind if I wore them. I just have  to see that I get some sleep tonight and everything will be fine again.

Birmingham doesn’t have much to offer at the first look. But at the second it can surprise you. If you like shopping you will find lots of good shops and although I kept away from the bookstores I finally bought a book today. The problem will be the transport, because my backpack is already full and I have to carry all my souvenirs in a plastic bag until I have more space at the end of the journey when I used up some things. But maan, I became weak today and bought it.

The city also has looooots of restaurants and oubs. You will never get hungry here. As I sard, I am in a restaurant at the basin (the canal). Pity that I can’t sit outside but my shoes are soked already.

The St. Chad’s cathedral is a roman-catholic one and gave me the chance to pray a bit and say thank you for the succesfull journey so far. The building is really nice and it is a pity that I wasn’t allowed to take any pictures. But I am sure curious people will find something with Google. A really beautiful cathedral…

In the anglican St. Philips was Evensong when I arrived there and I sat down and listened. For the first time I had the chance to get an idea of anglican church and Evensong.

The cathedral itself is built in baroque style. And I really like baroque. And here I was allowed to take pictures. 

Next to the weather I was also disappointed that the Town Hall was booked for an event and I would have had to pay to entry. So there was also the basin left and there I am now. 

All in all you have seen all of Birmingham after a day and can continue your journey the next day. In contrast to London, where you don’t have enough time to see everything, here you have to be good to fill your day. No problem for me thought, for I was here only for an afternoon and will go on to Nottingham tomorrow.